Women in Fantasy

In honor of Women’s History Month and yesterday’s International Women’s Day, I thought it fitting that we talk about women today. It’s no secret that women have long served as plot devices and shallow love interests in a lot of stories, but times have changed and so has the way females are represented in stories. … More Women in Fantasy

Fantasy with No Romance

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, let’s talk about stories that don’t have any romance. While there are plenty of stories that don’t center around romance, I’ve found that it’s less common for stories to lack romance entirely. I love seeing other types of relationships in stories, whether they’re family relations or friendships. So here … More Fantasy with No Romance

Fantasy Romance

Valentine’s Day is coming up, the time for romance. I’m generally not into cutesy romances, and I’m definitely not into spicy ones, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like romantic relationships in stories altogether. I’ve put together a list of ten books and series that I’ve enjoyed that all have romantic relationships in them, with … More Fantasy Romance

Quality vs. Quantity

As we all set and share our reading goals for the year, a few questions have come up. What’s a good goal? Should we be trying to read more or less? What counts toward our goals? It’s easy to compare our own goals with those of others, but most of the time we’re just comparing … More Quality vs. Quantity

Series I Want to Finish

Although I’m trying to lower the number of series I’m currently reading, that doesn’t mean I’m avoiding starting anything new. I’m prioritizing the series I’ve already started, but sometimes you just have to go where the reading mood takes you. Some of these series I had started previously and made some more progress on, but … More Series I Want to Finish

This Year’s DNFs

Sometimes you start a book, realize it’s not working for you, and decide to give up on it so you can spend that time reading something you’ll love more. It could be because you’re just not in the mood and might try it again later, it could not be what you expected and you didn’t … More This Year’s DNFs

Non-Fiction Owned TBR

I have a decent collection of non-fiction books on my shelves. Most of them are about science and technology, with a little business in the mix. Most of them are also waiting patiently on my TBR for me to get around to them. Here are all my currently owned and un-read non-fiction books: Einstein: A … More Non-Fiction Owned TBR

US vs UK Covers

It’s common for different countries to have different covers for the same book. Sometimes the changes are subtle, the same concept in a different style, and sometimes they look like entirely different books. One may follow the genre trends well to appeal to certain types of readers, and another may have small details from the … More US vs UK Covers

History as Fantasy

I read mostly fantasy, and there is a good amount of fantasy that takes places in a setting based on real world places and time periods. I’m all for taking inspiration from real life and fictionalizing it or weaving it into something fantastical. Some fantasy stories aren’t so much inspired by the real world as … More History as Fantasy

Do I Read a Lot?

So far this year, I have read 75 books for a total page count of just over 36,000 pages. I like big fantasy books. These numbers are not including all the books I started and did not finish. Or the one I re-read. Or any of the handful of books I’m currently reading. But is … More Do I Read a Lot?

Seasonal Reading

‘Tis the season for seasonal reading. Or so it seems to me anyway. Autumn is when everyone appears to be choosing their books based on the fall feels. Whether you’re looking for something spooky or something cozy to curl up with as the weather cools down, be that a mystery or something more heartwarming. The … More Seasonal Reading

Accessibility in Reading

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how accessible books are, and how accessible the book community as a whole is. I have fairly limited, and probably outdated, experience with accessibility features since I don’t require any myself. But it’s still something I think about when I’m reading, writing, or interacting with the book community online, and … More Accessibility in Reading