US vs UK Covers

It’s common for different countries to have different covers for the same book. Sometimes the changes are subtle, the same concept in a different style, and sometimes they look like entirely different books. One may follow the genre trends well to appeal to certain types of readers, and another may have small details from the … More US vs UK Covers

History as Fantasy

I read mostly fantasy, and there is a good amount of fantasy that takes places in a setting based on real world places and time periods. I’m all for taking inspiration from real life and fictionalizing it or weaving it into something fantastical. Some fantasy stories aren’t so much inspired by the real world as … More History as Fantasy

Do I Read a Lot?

So far this year, I have read 75 books for a total page count of just over 36,000 pages. I like big fantasy books. These numbers are not including all the books I started and did not finish. Or the one I re-read. Or any of the handful of books I’m currently reading. But is … More Do I Read a Lot?

Seasonal Reading

‘Tis the season for seasonal reading. Or so it seems to me anyway. Autumn is when everyone appears to be choosing their books based on the fall feels. Whether you’re looking for something spooky or something cozy to curl up with as the weather cools down, be that a mystery or something more heartwarming. The … More Seasonal Reading

Accessibility in Reading

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how accessible books are, and how accessible the book community as a whole is. I have fairly limited, and probably outdated, experience with accessibility features since I don’t require any myself. But it’s still something I think about when I’m reading, writing, or interacting with the book community online, and … More Accessibility in Reading

Book Trends

The more time I spend in the book community, reading in excess, and receiving news of new and upcoming releases, the more I notice the trends that come and go in publishing. Sometimes it’s a great thing, and sometimes I can’t wait for the next trend to replace the current one. Recently a lot of … More Book Trends

When to DNF

There was once a time when I couldn’t bear to DNF a book once I started it. If I committed to reading a book, I was going to read the whole thing. There was no putting it down, no trying again later, and certainly no giving up. These days, I feel like I’m DNFing constantly. … More When to DNF

Famous Last Words

Everyone talks about first lines from books a lot. And it makes sense, it’s the first thing you read within the book. But I want to talk about last lines. I used to have a habit of reading the last line from a book before I started reading it. It was risky, but I always … More Famous Last Words

I Want My Series to Match

When I buy individual books I’m not picky about what format they are. Hardcover, paperback, mass market, it doesn’t really matter, especially if I find them secondhand or at a library sale. I buy whatever format I find. Unless I already own a book from a series and I’m buying another book from the same … More I Want My Series to Match


Style is the way a story is delivered. It’s the language used, the tone, the structure, the parts of a story that the author focuses on. Generally, a lot of books in a specific genre share similar style points. More specifically, certain styles can give away who the author is or be niche enough to … More Style

Counting in Series

This week I wanted to see how high I could count with series I’ve read that are completed. I took a look at all the series I’ve read, or at least started reading, and how long they were. Then I lined them up in ascending order to see how far I could go without skipping … More Counting in Series