80 Cents a Mile

‘Panic Attacks only 80 cents a mile’
That’s what the sign should have said
The sign that wasn’t there
Until there was nowhere else to go
The people here don’t care
That this is the road we don’t go on
‘2 miles’
Trapped by a wrong lane, wrong turn
The only small comfort is at least
We’re going west instead of east
‘1 mile’
Of tear stained cheeks
Flashbacks of someone else’s memories
Is there nowhere to pull over?
‘1/2 mile’
Almost there
These miles feel much longer
Than the ones we’re used to
But where?
How do I get out of here?
This ramp is too long
The others break the rules
While the no one right there ignores them
2 miles
East now
But not on that road


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