A Ship Alone

Sailing far from home
To outrun a tremendous storm
Until the waves pull her far off course
Drifting along in a ship alone
The harsh winds try to follow
As the sea gives one more push
And with a final, desperate gust
The north star is snuffed out
There are plenty more stars in the sky
Countless constellations above
She could follow them to the edge of the earth
But they won’t get her home
Sails torn, paddles lost long ago
No land in sight, untold depths below
Her knees take on the tremble that her hands have always known
She submits to her exhaustion, nowhere left to go
She prays to the gods for something
Wonders why they made her weak
So they show her something special
Her strength is not the only secret that they keep
‘Once the world ends
After the moon returns anew
When the wind subsides and the sky is clear
In the right light, there’s a hole in the veil’
With a bit of luck, she found it
But the gods aren’t much for time
Only granting her a moment, but a moment’s all she needs
To say and hear the words that mean everything
They return her gently
To her small and damaged boat
No direction still to go on
Just a little bit of hope


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