The average person lives 78.6 years
That’s 28,708.65 days
689,007.6 hours
41,340,456 minutes
2,480,427,360 seconds
A lot can happen in 1 second
And you’ve got a lot of seconds, if you’re average
If you’re above average, you won’t need that long
To make the same impact as the ones
Who steal a little extra time
Trying to get it right
Or not trying at all
To do the things they might
If they only cared a little
To look out past themselves
At the world all around them
Hurting, wanting to excel
But it’s relative and it’s hidden
Although not very well
You can see it if you’re looking
You can touch it if you like
With the smallest bit of effort
You can spread a little light
Does it matter?
Is it worth it?
We’re spinning on a rock
In case you haven’t noticed
This might be all we’ve got
Make it matter
Make it worth it
Step aside so you can pass
Fill the windows all with candles
Until the spinning stops


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