June Update | 2022

What a toasty spring we’ve been having. It isn’t even summer yet, but it feels like it. Recently I’ve been reading a lot, seeing some friends I haven’t seen in ages, and thinking about my priorities and goals for the rest of the year. A lot has changed in my life over the past few … More June Update | 2022

Painting Touchups

I love landscape paintings. Beautiful scenery captured in paint is something so captivating to me. But, it’s also not something I’ve spent much time painting myself. So, a few years ago I decided to try my hand at some forest scenery. I liked the paintings I made, but they were far from perfect. More recently, … More Painting Touchups

Googly-Eyed Birds

Some time ago, there was a period when googly-eyes would keep appearing on things at work. No one could figure out where they were coming from, and, after a while, everyone finally realized it was me. Now, it’s fairly well-known that I almost always have a bag of googly-eyes on me, just in case. More … More Googly-Eyed Birds

Customizing T-Shirts

I have a bunch of plain white, gray, and black t-shirts. I used to wear them under my uniforms when I worked in kitchens. Now that I no longer wear chef whites to work, I don’t really get much use out of them. So I decided to customize them with acrylic paint and add designs … More Customizing T-Shirts