Wood Burning, take 2

A few years ago when we were playing D&D a lot, I made some dice trays for the party to use in lieu of a board game box cover. I turned one of them into a box that now houses my dice, but the other three I left rather plain, only painting them light brown, … More Wood Burning, take 2

June Update | 2022

What a toasty spring we’ve been having. It isn’t even summer yet, but it feels like it. Recently I’ve been reading a lot, seeing some friends I haven’t seen in ages, and thinking about my priorities and goals for the rest of the year. A lot has changed in my life over the past few … More June Update | 2022

The Guilt of Creating

It used to be that I would create something and feel proud, or satisfied, or relieved, or anything, really. Creation was a necessary release, and with every thing I created, I felt something. There was an emotion tied to it, a catharsis of some sort. Now, there’s often a guilt. A lack of satisfaction. When … More The Guilt of Creating

Many Scarves

About 2 weeks before Christmas, I decided to make my relatives scarves as gifts. I have a couple pairs of knitting needles, and I’ve dabbled in knitting over the years, but I’m not really a knitter. I’ve also never knit an entire scarf before, just the second half of a scarf that one time. According … More Many Scarves

Hobbies for Hire

It doesn’t seem like anyone has hobbies anymore. Everything’s a side hustle. I’m always surprised to learn someone has a random side business. I’m always more surprised when people tell me I should turn something I create into a side business. It’s become increasingly common to have a side hustle. To try to turn a … More Hobbies for Hire

Jacket Pillow

I knew the sweetest dog named Jemma. In June, she passed away. I was asked to make something with her rain coat, and we decided on a pillow. I wanted to make as few alterations to the coat as possible. I cut off the straps that would normally go around her torso. Then, I removed … More Jacket Pillow

Upholstered Chairs

I repainted the chairs my brother built last year, and I finally got around to upholstering them last month. This is most certainly not the correct way to upholster chair seats, but it worked for me well enough. They’re imperfect, but at least they’re finally finished. I ordered 2″ thick high density foam for the … More Upholstered Chairs

Clay Dinosaurs

I finally used the last of my polymer clay. If you’ve never used it, polymer clay is clay that usually comes in small blocks and can be baked in a kitchen oven. I’ve only used it a couple of times, I don’t usually work with clay, nor do I have any clay tools, and I’m … More Clay Dinosaurs

Hair Sticks

I wear my hair up most of the time. Sometimes I switch it up with braids, but usually I opt for a bun. Someone had given me a pair of hair sticks a while ago, and I used them sometimes, but eventually started preferring them to hair ties, which were causing my hair to break … More Hair Sticks

T-shirt Pillowcase

My brother had this shirt. Bright blue, ladies cut. Fit him, but it was snug. Not his usual look. We’re not entirely sure why he got it, but we have pictures of him in it and it felt too silly to get rid of, but also no one else we know would actually wear it. … More T-shirt Pillowcase

DIY Notebook

I’ve changed how I organize and access my schedule a lot over the years. Last year, I went almost entirely digital, but I’ve been wanting to get back to analog lately. Unfortunately, that meant I needed a new notebook, which I didn’t have. I didn’t have any blank ones, and I didn’t feel like shopping … More DIY Notebook

Pterodactyl Costume

No one’s really excited for Halloween after last year. But, we’ve decided to make the best of it and do something fun and silly. I decided I wanted to be a dinosaur for Halloween. More specifically, I wanted to be a Pterodactyl. I’m going to be at work most of the day, so it needed … More Pterodactyl Costume

Hemmed Pants

I recently realized that one of my pairs of pants is a bit too short. Then I realized another one of my pants is a bit too long. So, I fixed them by making them both shorter. I know it sounds silly to make pants that are already too short even shorter, but I figured … More Hemmed Pants


My approach to house plants is generally: buy a plant I like and try to figure out how to care for it as we go. I’ve learned a lot, but I’ve also lost a lot of plants along the way. We made terrariums quite some time ago. Then, gradually, all of the plants in them … More Terrarium

Dwarf Barbarian Minis

When we last went to PAX, it was the beginning of the Worldbuilders end-of-year fundraiser. Worldbuilders is a nonprofit that raises money for a variety of charities. You can check them out here if you’re interested. Supporters of Worldbuilders provide books, games, art, and a multitude of other geeky items that are raffled off to … More Dwarf Barbarian Minis


At some point last year I decided I wasn’t going to get any new books until I read all the ones I already owned. That didn’t happen, and now I have a lot more books on my shelves that I need to read. In another attempt to get through all my unread books, I’ve decided … More TBR Jar

Tea Towel Embroidery

My best friend’s birthday is coming up, and I wanted to make her something. So, I wandered aimlessly around the craft store for probably too long wanting to make probably too many things before I decided to embroider something for her. I used to do counted cross-stitch when I was younger, and it was a … More Tea Towel Embroidery

Shadow Dragon Mini

I got a dragon mini at PAX again, and I finally painted it. This time, I got the shadow dragon. I wanted it to be dark, but not completely black. I also wanted it to look like it could reflect some light as it slinks around in the shadows. I used a mixture of blue … More Shadow Dragon Mini

Dice Tray

We’ve been talking about getting a dice tray for a while, and we’ve seen some beautifully crafted ones from a few different companies, but they’re a bit pricey if you get a nice one. So I decided to try to make my own. Worst case it wouldn’t come out well and we’d be no worse … More Dice Tray