Jacket Pillow

I knew the sweetest dog named Jemma. In June, she passed away. I was asked to make something with her rain coat, and we decided on a pillow. I wanted to make as few alterations to the coat as possible. I cut off the straps that would normally go around her torso. Then, I removed … More Jacket Pillow

Upholstered Chairs

I repainted the chairs my brother built last year, and I finally got around to upholstering them last month. This is most certainly not the correct way to upholster chair seats, but it worked for me well enough. They’re imperfect, but at least they’re finally finished. I ordered 2″ thick high density foam for the … More Upholstered Chairs

T-shirt Pillowcase

My brother had this shirt. Bright blue, ladies cut. Fit him, but it was snug. Not his usual look. We’re not entirely sure why he got it, but we have pictures of him in it and it felt too silly to get rid of, but also no one else we know would actually wear it. … More T-shirt Pillowcase


I made two new clocks. I wanted to remake the clock I made a few years ago, and I had an idea for a new clock as well. I’m pleased with how they both turned out. The sunburst clock I made a while back had gotten a bit…saggy, over time. So, I planned to remake … More Clocks


My approach to house plants is generally: buy a plant I like and try to figure out how to care for it as we go. I’ve learned a lot, but I’ve also lost a lot of plants along the way. We made terrariums quite some time ago. Then, gradually, all of the plants in them … More Terrarium

Tea Towel Embroidery

My best friend’s birthday is coming up, and I wanted to make her something. So, I wandered aimlessly around the craft store for probably too long wanting to make probably too many things before I decided to embroider something for her. I used to do counted cross-stitch when I was younger, and it was a … More Tea Towel Embroidery

Plant Stand

I’ve always loved having houseplants, but I’ve never had a good place to keep them, especially the larger ones. I used to have a small table for the small-ish ones, and the larger ones on the floor, but our space isn’t very big and the extra furniture made the room look cluttered. Keeping the pots … More Plant Stand

TV Stand

We’ve never had a real TV stand. Our TV used to sit on top of a small set of 1×2 cubbies. I’ve also had a set of 2×3 cubbies for a while. It acted as my dresser for years, then I finally decided I wanted a real dresser and bought one. So, we switched out … More TV Stand

Herb Garden Signs

I used to grow vegetables when I was little. Mostly cherry tomatoes, but I tried some other vegetables here and there too. I tried growing tomatoes again a few years ago, but it’s not so easy to do in an apartment with no yard. So I switched to herbs. They’re a lot easier to grow … More Herb Garden Signs

Wine Bottle Decor

I forget where I first saw this idea, but I really liked it. It is a simple way to use an empty wine bottle for decoration. Some wine bottles have nice designs on them already and those may not be the best for this project as they will be painted over. I picked a bottle … More Wine Bottle Decor

Tea Box

Every time I go to the store I stop by the tea section and see if there’s anything new or really just anything I don’t have at home that I would like to have at home. And I buy it. There’s really no limit to the number of types of teas I own. And it’s … More Tea Box

Wooden Sunburst Clock

I’ve always wanted to make my own clock, but could never decide what I wanted my clock to look like. Recently, while I was at the craft store I was suddenly struck with inspiration. I found some wooden discs and a clock motor set that I liked and decided I wanted my clock to have … More Wooden Sunburst Clock