Clay Dinosaurs

I finally used the last of my polymer clay. If you’ve never used it, polymer clay is clay that usually comes in small blocks and can be baked in a kitchen oven. I’ve only used it a couple of times, I don’t usually work with clay, nor do I have any clay tools, and I’m … More Clay Dinosaurs

Pterodactyl Costume

No one’s really excited for Halloween after last year. But, we’ve decided to make the best of it and do something fun and silly. I decided I wanted to be a dinosaur for Halloween. More specifically, I wanted to be a Pterodactyl. I’m going to be at work most of the day, so it needed … More Pterodactyl Costume

Dinosaur Crossword Puzzle

I made a crossword puzzle. All of the clues are drawings of dinosaurs. All of the answers are the names of those dinosaurs. It is decidedly difficult for most people. It is do-able by people who know the names of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Chocolates

A little while ago I found these adorable silicon molds at a craft store. I almost got the robot ones, but the dinosaurs were adorable and I got those instead. I decided to use them to make dinosaur chocolates. Nothing fancy, just plain chocolates. Although I may make some other kinds of chocolates with them … More Dinosaur Chocolates