Many Scarves

About 2 weeks before Christmas, I decided to make my relatives scarves as gifts. I have a couple pairs of knitting needles, and I’ve dabbled in knitting over the years, but I’m not really a knitter. I’ve also never knit an entire scarf before, just the second half of a scarf that one time. According … More Many Scarves

Knit Hat

Remember that square I knit a while ago? I finally made it into something other than a blanket for a tiny animal. I found a pattern for a hat that I liked and did my best to follow it. I learned how to purl, and how to alternate between knitting and purling. I thought I … More Knit Hat

Knitting Not-a-Scarf

My brother had 2 knitting projects on needles. One was halfway done, so it was pretty obvious it was going to be a scarf, and I finished that one. The other one only had a few rows done, and was a bit wider, and I don’t know enough about knitting to guess what it was … More Knitting Not-a-Scarf

Knitting a Scarf

I finished the scarf my brother started. My brother had been learning to knit, and he had a couple of things started that I kept, with the intention of finishing them. One of those things was a scarf, about halfway done. I’m not sure what the other one was going to be, I’m assuming another … More Knitting a Scarf