My First Beta Readers

Earlier this year, I began to realize I was approaching the point in revisions where I would need to recruit some outside help. I was chipping away at the same parts over and over again, not feeling confident that I had really nailed down certain plot points or fully fleshed out certain characters. So, I … More My First Beta Readers

Writing Community

Writing seems like such a solitary activity, as does reading. It’s just you and the words on the page. Except it’s a lot more than that. In its simplest form, the writer is sharing a story with the reader. So, at a minimum, there are two people involved, sharing something between them. In a more … More Writing Community

Word Count

There’s a lot of talk in drafting and revising about word count. Hitting a word count goal. Revising down to or up to a desired word count range. “My fantasy draft is only 75,000 words, so I need to add more scenes somewhere.” “My YA draft is 140,000 word so I need to delete a … More Word Count