March TBR | 2023

I didn’t finish everything on my TBR last month, so I made an even longer one this month. That makes sense, right? I’m still working on finishing up some series that I’ve already started, I have a couple ARCs I need to read, and a handful of other fantasy and non-fiction books I’ll hopefully also … More March TBR | 2023

February TBR | 2023

I feel like I keep making reading plans, then not exactly sticking to them. I also feel like my TBR has gotten to be a bit intimidating even though I try to keep it relatively small. So I took a lot of things off my general TBR and just kept the things I’m most excited … More February TBR | 2023

January TBR | 2023

Although I have 12 books on this list, and they’re not particularly short books, I’m really struggling to keep myself from adding another dozen. I’ve got a lot I want to read this year, and I’m excited about most of the books on my overall TBR, so I’m struggling to decide which ones I want … More January TBR | 2023

24 Hour Horror-A-Thon TBR

Ashley’s Little Library on YouTube now hosts a bi-monthly 24 Hour Horror-A-Thon, which feels like the perfect way to spend a day the weekend before Halloween. I’m looking forward to joining in and reading as many short horror books as I can, although I do have family plans this weekend, so my readathon will be … More 24 Hour Horror-A-Thon TBR

August TBR | 2022

This month my TBR begins with the same 3 books I feel like I’ve been ‘currently reading’ forever, and a rollover from the T. Kingfisher readathon that I didn’t manage to finish in time. Plus, for some reason I’ve decided to start a bunch of new series, going against my efforts to be actively reading … More August TBR | 2022

My Current Physical TBR

As you may know, I’ve been working hard on reading all the books I own. I limited myself for a while to only reading from my shelves and it worked wonders in drastically shrinking my physical TBR. Now that my TBR isn’t so daunting, I’ve been reading a lot more other things, but I’m still … More My Current Physical TBR

July TBR | 2022

I once again have a lot of books I’m hoping to get through this month. This list was even longer, but I removed some books from a genre I’ll one day accept isn’t for me. I also left out the non-fiction I’m planning to read because I’m not sure they’re books I’d ever review. Most … More July TBR | 2022

June TBR | 2022

I got real ambitious with my TBR in May and exceeded my goal for number of books read. So let’s get equally ambitious for June. I have two books I started reading last month that I’d like to finish, plus 12 others I’d like to read. I have what I think is a romance, but … More June TBR | 2022

TBR | Book Tag

I shared my TBR for this month last week, but let’s take a look at my TBR as a whole today. It’s mix of fantasy and non-fiction. I think it might be more non-fiction than fantasy by now, although my answers may deceive you. I don’t think the blog that created this tag is still … More TBR | Book Tag

May TBR | 2022

Last month I got pretty ambitious with my TBR. I think we all get a little ambitious with how many books we try to read in a month, but I’m working hard at getting through all my owned books before I add anything new to my list. Even though I fell a little short of … More May TBR | 2022